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Character Description

General Information

First name: Lilith
Middle name(s): Organa
Surname: Vega
Age: 20
Date of birth: February 22
Race: Former human now a vampire
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Doesn't really care about social status

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: A little bit of Japanese
Style of speaking: A style?
Volume of voice: Usually bubbly and perky

Physical Appearence

Height: 5'2
Weight: 109
Eye color: Dark shade of scarlet
Skin color: Pale
Shape of face: Cute heart-shaped face
Distinguishing features: Her large eyes
Build of body: Average, vampire like strength 
Hair color: Ombre of light brunette and raven at the tips
Hair style: Long dark hair past her shoulders, usually curled at the ends.
Posture: Usually hovers not too far from the ground
Tattoos: None so far
Piercings: Just her ears
Typical clothing: Black laced tight skin dress that extends to her thighs, black lingerie stockings
Is seen by others as: Someone who is caring but very naive, would help others in a blink of an eye, helplessly romantic.


Likes: making new friends/acquaintances. 
Dislikes: Arrogant people, anything opposite of "good" ethics, anything involving nightmares.
Education: Has a well rounded education, went to a private school most of her life
Fears: That she'll fall in love with the wrong person, fail to please her family.
Hobbies: Singing, drawing and dancing
General attitude: Usually perky and very outgoing, can be absent minded at times, foreign to other cultures.
Religious values: Is basically agnostic
General intelligence: Average common sense, but due to being isolated from other worlds, can be a bit uneducated about certain things.
General sociability: Interacts with others like shes from another planet.


Illnesses (if any): Not any
Allergies (if any): only allergic to the sun
Sleeping habits: Rarely needs to sleep due to being a vampire, an early bird.
Energy level: Very energetic
Eating habits: Varies
Memory: Can remember good
Any unhealthy habits: Not getting enough to eat from other prey, wandering aimlessly into unknown worlds


Birth country: Argentina
Hometown: Eden
Childhood: Was born into a wealthy kingdom, along with her older sister who abandoned her one night. Went to a private academy provided for demons and by demons. Her father had her isolated from the rest of the world a majority of her childhood-adolescence years, in hopes of her not wandering off and being exposed to "unethical natures."
Adult years: N/A
History of family: Before she was born, her father had already impregnated her sister's birth mother and had banished her soon afterwards due to not wanting anything to do with the mother or child. Then married her mother and they conceived Lilith and decided to raise her sister as well. 
Briefly explain life story: Grew up in a lovely kingdom where it closely resembled the Garden of Eden, had everything she ever wanted except for friends. Spent most of her time locked away in a tower which was where she slept and ate, soon after her older sister had escaped from the palace. Many boring years later, she managed to escape as well and currently dwells in small inn of a town far far away. 


Parents: Athena (mother), Raiden(father)
Siblings: Sylvia (whom she was very close to until her sister's absence)
Any enemies (and why): None so far
Children: None
Friends: Formerly it was Athena, Caity, Daniel (Danny), Vadlance, Red, and Zero
Important friends/relatives (explain): Arella (Mentor) and Sylvia/Eve (Sister)
Love interest (if there is one): Bael (former love interest)


Peaceful or violent: Usually a pacifist but will fight when necessary.
Weapon (if applicable): Her long sharp nails and fanged teeth
Style of fighting: Round house kick


Occupation: Works part time at the town's local tavern
Favourite types of food: Fruits ^.^
Favourite types of drink: ....blood X3
Guilty pleasures: ...SandM
Pets: far x3
Talents: Can sing well and dance
Favourite colours: Rainbow!
Favourite type of music: She likes just about every type of music.


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Lovely Luu
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United States

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